Adopting the best technology, ProDocs Solutions specializes in content portability by bringing the print copy of the newspapers as an exact replica onto the web. This enables the publishers to reach out to online subscribers and all portable devices; thereby enhancing the subscription base.

ProDocs Solutions’ engagement model in the e-publishing domain includes the following major activities:

Conversion of dailies and magazines from PDF to XML tagged content and images for online delivery. The conversion process is run in parallel with the printing process so that the delivery coincides with the print edition. Digital archiving of back editions of newsprints and magazines.
Every day, ProDocs Solutions processes over 110 different newspapers published from across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Consistent quality, on-time delivery, and round-the-clock customer support from ProDocs Solutions ensure the highest customer satisfaction. While delivering the newspapers within a short turnaround time of an average of 4 hours per publication, ProDocs Solutions adheres to high standards of processes, quality, and schedule.
Akin to newspapers, ProDocs Solutions also processes over 75 magazines of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly frequencies.
Apart from the pre-publication processing, ProDocs Solutions is running multiple digital archiving projects and converts back editions of more than a century old newspapers—dating back to the early 19th century stored in microfilms. The multi-shift production capacity rolls out over 500,000 pages a month. ProDocs Solutions can ramp up the capacity to multi-folds based on the volume and turnaround time.

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