Electronic Data Conversion to Markup Formats - XML/HTML/SGML

ProDocs Solutions believes in digital-drive and supports organizations convert their content from books, journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. for delivery on web and e-readers by encoding the data to EPUB/Mobi, XML/HTML/SGML and other mark-up formats.
The technology-driven workflow system ensures accurate and faster processing of high-volume conversions. ProDocs Solutions uses specialized tools like rule-based algorithms, advanced pattern matching, and parallel validation and parsing that ensure compliance with the DTD or schema.
Our home-grown workflow systems and a large team of trained and experienced conversion specialists are all monitored closely with the objective to achieve process excellence and deliver the best – always.
ProDocs Solutions provides end-to-end services to organizations in their digitization efforts – scanning (any source format), data extraction, development of DTD, project management, encoding, creation of style sheet, development of Digital Asset Management Systems, etc.

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