ProDocs Provides additional Title Services and the resulting cost-effectiveness and process efficiency for our clients ultimately results in improved profitability, faster turnaround time, and higher accuracy:

Commitment Typing

ProDocs reviews title commitments and types the final title policies on the client’s application / offline template. We have the ability to produce commitments for clients using Ramquest, Title Express, Softpro, Gators, Genesis, etc. ProDocs Solutions currently produces over 5,000 commitments per month and plans are underway to increase it

Document Retrievals

In this document, ProDocs includes client-requested documents like a deed, mortgage or plat images, etc.

Tax Searches

ProDocs Procures Tax Assessment, Payment details, Delinquency status, and any other lien attached to the property that is in county records.
We also handle rush orders for each service for high-priority cases.

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