XML/HTML/SGML conversion

ProDocs can convert your content to XML HTML, SGML and other markup formats. We ensure compliance with DTD or schema structures through our technology driven production system. If needed ProDocs can develop a DTD for you.

Data Capture conversion and digitization

ProDocs can work with both legacy and current material. Our end to end service offering includes images of hard copies/micro-formats, data capture using multi-pass keying as well as OCR driven data capture, DTD development and XML/HTML/SGML tagging. We work with all kinds of input formats in every kind of format including hardcopy, micro-formats,TIFF,PDF or other digital images

Electronic Publishing from all Media

Our expertise spans in producing: Books, Journals–Scientific Journals (PubMed/NLM), Magazines (Automobile Magazines), Newsletters, Catalogues, Newspapers archiving and Handwritten Manuscripts. We have partnered with Ancestry.com in Digital Archiving of Historical Newspapers and providing our conversion services for their Digital Asset Management

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Image Enhancement and Restoration Services

In addition to publishing and data capture, we provide a wide range image enhancement services that cleans up your digital records. These services include but are not limited to zoning, zooming, classifying, cropping, de-specking, de-skewing as well as managing the color and contrast of the images to make them more readable and avoid rescanning.

Redaction Services

ProDocs specializes in the process of removing text or images from a document. State/ Local Governments and businesses use ProDocs’s document redaction services to remove private information that might be used for identity theft from electronic documents when they are published. ProDocs uses a two step process, utilizing technology and human oversight to ensure a 100% accuracy

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Digital Mailroom & Scanning Services

At our secure location in Southern California, ProDocs provides a digital mailroom where your customers, vendors or other stakeholders and route all incoming mail. We collect,scan, sort the mail and enable rapid, accurate and inexpensive document scanning, digitization for a variety of clients.

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Industries Served

We serve a multiple publishers in a wide variety of industries which include education, academic, humanities and social sciences, newspapers and a range of private industries.

Turn Around Time and Quality

With 24/7 operations and a highly experienced team, ProDocs is capable of delivering data in turn times as low as 6 hours with assured quality levels of 99.95%. Through years of experience, we have developed and utilize productivity and quality enhancement tools like rule based algorithms, advance pattern matching and parallel validation and parsing to deliver error free data to our customers.

Other Domain Specific Services offered by us include:
  1. Title Documents Data Capture/Indexing
  2. Mortgage Documents Data Capture/Indexing
  3. Key Verify Data Entry Services
  4. Custom Software Development

Most of our Major Clients are with us for over a decade. References Available upon request


e-Paper and e-Magazines

Adopting the best technology, ProDocs Solutions specializes in content portability by bringing the print copy of the newspapers as an exact replica …

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ProDocs Solutions believes in digital-drive and supports organizations convert their content from books, journals, newspapers, magazines, etc….

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