Digital Nomad

Who is a Digital Nomad ?

Digital Nomad is a new lifestyle where people can work both from home and anywhere!  It gives them the freedom to “earn as you travel”, and understand and adapt to new cultures, with the key mantra being “Have wi-fi. Will work”.

Many countries now offer Digital Nomad Visa that allows you to work remotely and visit the country for a specific period of time.

  • In 2013, during the first meeting of representatives of the Estonian government and the global digital nomad, The first Digital Nomad Visa was introduced.
  • This visa allowed location-independent knowledge workers to live in Estonia for up to a year while working for employers or clients outside of the country.

Ideal Jobs for Digital Nomads

  • Editor/ Writer / Blogger
  • Project Manager
  • Online Teaching
  • Social Media Manager
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Consultant
  • Executive Assistant

Advantage Digital Nomad

Less stressful work environment:
Being away from the rush, saving traveling time, and a not-so-strict working environment will help in reducing the stress and study has shown that remote workers are more productive, and focused and deliver results faster.

  • Exposure to different cultural experiences:
    The more you travel, the more you gain through cultural exchange and meeting diverse people across various nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, and races. 
  • Simplified Lifestyle:
    Digital nomads travel more frequently and like freedom without the weight of everyday belongings.
  • Cheaper:
    It is cheaper because of the following reasons:

    • Charges and prices as per the basic minimum wages of that country.
    • There is no office space required.
    • Minimum or no paperwork is done.
  • The best global talent for the job is hired.

Challenges being a Digital Nomad

  • Money: what may look appealing may not be so in reality; the cost of living differs and continuous flow matters.
  • Isolation & loneliness: Digital Nomad workers find themselves isolated but their attempts at connecting with co-workers may be higher.
  • Time zone issues: Due to traveling and different time zones at different places, it might require them to work at late night or early in the morning with clients. Their meetings can happen at 3 A.M.
  • Internet or Connection Problems: There could be the possibility of no internet connection at various places or sometimes you have to pay a lot of money for an internet connection, so one should plan for a proper network connection.